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Flamenco Dance Trips to Granada:

Casa San Niclás
Luxurious accommodation
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Intensive Flamenco course in the
in the Studio de Baile
"Cueva la Retama"
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Granada is undoubtedly one of the most important references for Flamenco in Spain, especially the neighborhoods of Albaicín and Sacromonte are among its cradles. These Gypsy neighborhoods are the epicenter of what experts call “jondura” and “duende,” and here, the Zambra, a celebration of Flamenco singing and dancing, originated, dating back to the 16th century, particularly related to the wedding rituals of the city’s Moriscos.

Flamenco Reisen offers, among other things, an intensive 5-day Flamenco course for a maximum of 8 people in the cave/school of Maica with the esteemed dancer Noemí. We will learn Andalusian cuisine with our master chef. We will be infused with the joy of life as we visit authentic tablaos. Guided tours of the Alhambra, the Cathedral, the Cartuja, and other monuments will teach you universal history. There will be tastings of Andalusian wines and, of course, “tapas.” You will be taken care of throughout the entire trip by Rosa and Cay.

We will stay in our luxurious house in Albaicín with half-board and indulge in the typical dishes of Granada prepared by our esteemed chef, who will teach us the basic tricks of Arab-Andalusian cuisine.

Our Flamenco courses provide a unique opportunity to learn traditional Flamenco steps and deepen your passion for this expressive dance. From Flamenco dresses to the appropriate Flamenco shoes, we ensure that you feel stylish and authentic at every stage of your Flamenco adventure.

Enjoy not only the dancing but also experience the magic of Andalusia on our Flamenco trips. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history, breathtaking architecture, and vibrant atmosphere of this unique region.

The uniqueness of our Flamenco trips lies in the combination of learning and shared experiences, detailed organization, and exceptional customer service.

You can choose from various dates for your “Granaína” experience in spring:
From 05.05 to 12.05, from 19.05 to 26.05, from 02.06 to 09.06 of 2024

If you wish, we can also gladly book your flights.


from 05.05 to 12.05, from 19.05 to 26.05,
from 02.06 to 09.06 of 2024

_5 days of one-hour intensive Flamenco course
_Lectures on Flamenco
_Learning typical Arab-Andalusian recipes
_Visit to the Alhambra with a guide
_Walks with a guide to the Cathedral and historical quarters
_Visits to Flamenco stages
_Luxurious accommodation
_Half-board (breakfast buffet)
_Private airport transfer (arrival & departure)
_Travel insurance,
_Individual all-around support

Price per cultural trip 1620 €

Casa San Nicolás

This fantastic accommodation is located next to the San Nicolás viewpoint, offering a privileged view of the Alhambra, Spain’s most visited monument. It is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of Granada, the Albaicín neighborhood. Casa San Nicolás spans three floors (basement, ground floor, and first floor) and can accommodate 10 guests.

Upon entering the accommodation, you enter a living and dining room with a sofa, Smart TV, armchair, side table, chairs, and a dining table for up to 8 people. From the living room, you access the rear garden of the accommodation with garden furniture, a porch, a pool (open from May 1 to September 30), and views of the old Nasrid wall, which is also part of the garden.

On the ground floor of the house are the kitchen with everything you need for your stay and a room with two single beds, views of the garden, and a private bathroom. On this floor, there are the stairs leading to the first floor, where two bathrooms and three bedrooms are located, one with a double bed and the others with two single beds. The master bedroom has a balcony and views of the Alhambra.

The basement is accessed from the ground floor of the house. There, you find a room with two single beds and a private bathroom.

This house is located in the heart of the Albaicín neighborhood, the oldest district of Granada. It is located opposite the hill of the Alhambra, on the San Cristóbal hill, surrounded by Sacromonte, Elvira Street, and the Darro River. This neighborhood is a perfect place to relax, stroll through its streets, discover viewpoints, and enjoy the typical cuisine of the city.

“Cueva la Retama”

The Flamenco school and the “Cueva la Retama” project were conceived and developed to create an open space for Flamenco activities accessible to anyone who wants to approach the roots of Andalusian culture and musical tradition. It is also aimed at an international audience that wants to experience and learn Flamenco in its natural and native environment: the caves of Albaicín. In this regard, it has a privileged location on the Cerro de San Cristóbal or in the Moorish quarter of the Xarea, where the first Gypsy settlements in Granada were located, several centuries before being definitively moved to Sacromonte.

The “Cueva de la Retama” has a studio-workshop for teaching the art and culture of Flamenco, for restoration and preservation, as well as for the development and dissemination of the artistic values of our region.

First, special attention is given to understanding the musical cultures of our Andalusian homeland, especially the development of Flamenco. It aims to promote the study of dance, guitar, and singing, bringing them closer to those who want to get to know them. Workshops for artistic and musical creation are also offered for those already familiar with it.

from 05.05 to 12.05, from 19.05 to 26.05, from 02.06 to 09.06 of 2024,
Price per cultural trip 1620 €

Absolute trust in Flamenco Reisen is crucial for us. From now on, you will find trip cancellation insurance, foreign health insurance, and complete travel protection with

ALLIANZ DIRECT our insurance partner.



We will quickly and without obligation put together a custom travel offer for you.

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