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Flamenco-Dance-Trip to the
Feria de Abril 2025
in Seville:

Casa Palacio Abades Terrace
Luxurious Accommodation
Casa Palacio Abades Terrace
Luxurious Accommodation
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Feria de Abril
in Seville
Feria de Abril
in Seville
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Discover the magic of Seville at the Feria de Abril! Come and immerse yourself in a unique cultural experience full of color, music, and tradition. During this festival, the streets of the fairground are filled with “Casetas,” adorned with flowers and lanterns, and the atmosphere is infused with Flamenco and Sevillanas. You can taste the delicious Andalusian cuisine, such as savory ham, tapas, and fried fish, and enjoy the typical drink of the Feria, the Rebujito. Don’t miss the opportunity to wear your Flamenco dress or short suit and join in the fun. The Feria de Abril is an unforgettable experience that will make you feel like a true Sevillian. Come and let yourself be carried away by the passion and artistry of Seville!

Sevillanas are characterized by a very joyful dance full of harmony, rhythm, sensuality, and Andalusian passion. So, if you haven’t done it yet, what are you waiting for to dance Sevillanas?

Flamencoreisen offers a six-day cultural trip to Seville for groups of 6 to 10 people. You will experience an intensive 5-day Flamenco course with the esteemed dancer Alicia Marquez and, of course, visit the Feria de Abril daily (if desired). We will learn the Andalusian cuisine from our master chef and visit authentic Tablaos. The Cathedral, the Giralda, and the Flamenco Museum will fascinate us with their history and monumentality. You will be accompanied throughout the trip by Rosa and Cay.

Our luxurious accommodation will be in a Sevillian house/palace on Calle Abades in the center of Seville (Barrio Santa Cruz), where we will feel the authentic Andalusian spirit up close. The accommodation includes half-board with our master chef, who will pamper us with typical Sevillian dishes. In small daily lessons, she will introduce us to the ingredients and tricks of Sevillian cuisine.

Our Flamenco courses offer a unique opportunity to learn traditional Flamenco steps and deepen your passion for this expressive dance. From the Flamenco dress to the matching Flamenco shoes – we ensure that you feel stylish and authentic at every stage of your Flamenco adventure.

Not only enjoy the dancing but also experience the magic of Andalusia on our Flamenco trips. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history, stunning architecture, and vibrant atmosphere of this unique region.

The special and unique aspect of our Flamenco trips lies in the combination of learning and shared experiences, detailed organization, and exceptional customer service.

Upon request, we are happy to take care of your flights!

Week of Feria de Abril 2025 

_5 days (one hour daily) Intensive Flamenco course
_Lectures on Flamenco
_Visits to the Feria de Sevilla and typical
_Visit to the Flamenco Museum
_Learning typical Andalusian cooking recipes
_Guided tours of historical buildings
_Visits to Flamenco stages
_Luxurious accommodation
_Half-board (breakfast buffet)
Private airport transfer (arrival & departure)
_Travel insurance
_Individual full support

Price of the cultural trip: €1960

Casa Palacio Abades Terrace in Seville, Santa Cruz, sounds truly impressive! It is more than just accommodation; it is a palace with historical charm. The high ceilings, wooden floors, stained glass windows, inner courtyards, and galleries give this place a unique atmosphere.

The entire palace exudes luxury, history, and attention to detail. It seems to be the perfect place for someone looking for more than just accommodation but a unique experience in Seville.

The entrance door leads to a beautiful and historic private courtyard, typical of the palaces in Seville. Through the courtyard, you can access two large bedrooms, each with its own living area, private bathroom, and two single beds (1.05 x 2.00 m).

Through the private courtyard, you also reach the staircase and access an intermediate level where a third bedroom is located. This one is also spacious, has a private living area, and a private bathroom but with a king-size bed (1.80 x 2.00 m).

If you continue up the stairs, you reach the central floor of the house with a beautiful gallery. Through this, you access the kitchen, a spacious and fully equipped space, as well as a magnificent living room with various seating and dining areas. The living room stands out for its quality, ceiling height, and decoration, all handmade and with design.

Continuing through the central gallery, you reach three more bedrooms, each with its own living area and private bathroom. Two of them each have two single beds (1.05 x 2.00 m), and the other has a king-size bed (1.80 x 2.00 m).

Lastly, there is also a separate bathroom, mainly serving the seventh bedroom, which is reached via a small staircase. This bedroom has a queen-size bed (1.50 x 2.00 m).

Finally, the house has a private terrace, furnished with garden furniture, accessible through a common area with two independent apartments and one floor higher. Although you have to cross a common area to reach the terrace, it is completely private for the guests of the house.

The location on Abades Street in the heart of Santa Cruz, just a few meters from the Cathedral, the Alcázar, and the Giralda, makes it one of the oldest and most historic neighborhoods in Seville. The area is mostly pedestrianized and surrounded by old churches, palaces, and monuments.

There are grocery stores and all kinds of shops nearby, as well as numerous tapas bars and restaurants to enjoy the best Andalusian cuisine.

A place where you can experience Seville to the fullest!

The Flamenco courses take place at Studio Baile Alicia Márquez in the central Calle Cantabria next to the Basilica Jesús del Gran Poder. From your accommodation, you can reach the studio after a lively 15-minute walk through the center of Seville.

The Studio de Baile Alicia Márquez  was founded in 1993 in the San Lorenzo neighborhood of Seville with the aim of creating a space for the transmission of Flamenco art. The name of the studio was inspired by its director and founder, Alicia Márquez, who has not stopped passing on the knowledge she received from her great teachers Matilde Coral, Mario Maya, Manolo Marín, Manolete, and Jose Antonio since the opening.

In 2018, the studio celebrates its 25th anniversary, a number that reflects endurance, passion, and dedication to art and to the people who show their affection and support every day, both outside and inside the studio.

Week of Feria de Abril 2025, dates coming soon
Price of the cultural trip: €1960

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