Flamencoreisen nach Andalusien
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Our destination: Granada

Granada is an ode to beauty, nestled in the majestic foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The crown jewel of Granada is undoubtedly the Alhambra, a fortress from the Moorish era that exudes timeless elegance with its intricate stucco work, azulejo-adorned walls, and the lush gardens of Generalife. The streets of the Albaicín district lead to breathtaking viewpoints, from which you can admire the impressive panorama of the city and the Alhambra. Granada is not just a place but a feeling that resonates through the cobblestone streets and manifests in the sounds of flamenco that come alive in the city’s tapas bars. Here, history, culture, and nature merge into a harmonious masterpiece that enchants the senses.


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