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Flamenco Dance with Flamencoreisen,
this is who we are:

Flamenco Passion encompasses singing, music, dance, as well as gastronomy, ritual, poetry, and fashion. Flamencoreisen are primarily Rosa Miret and Cay Bertholdt. We harbor a deep love for the art and culture of Andalusia in all its manifestations.

Rosa, born in Barcelona, loves Flamenco from every corner of Spain, especially from Andalusia, as it is the cradle of this captivating art form. Cay, born in Hamburg, has always had a keen interest in getting to know and experience other cultures up close. This led him to live in Seville for several years, and he maintains a close connection to Andalusia and Flamenco to this day.

We, Rosa and Cay, accompany you on your journey. Immerse yourself in the passionate world of Flamenco with our exclusive Flamenco courses and trips to Seville, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera y Malaga. Discover the fascinating art of Flamenco dance with our professional teachers and experience authentic Flamenco culture on-site.

Our Flamenco courses provide a unique opportunity to learn traditional Flamenco steps and deepen your passion for this expressive dance. From Flamenco dresses to matching Flamenco shoes, we ensure that you feel stylish and authentic at every stage of your Flamenco adventure.

Enjoy not only dancing but also experience the magic of Andalusia on our Flamenco trips. Dive into the fascinating history, breathtaking architecture, and vibrant atmosphere of this unique region.

We propose sharing art, passion, and emotions together – experiencing genuine Flamenco in Andalusia.

Our success lies in the details – in a team of dedicated staff ensuring that you feel well taken care of at every moment of your Flamenco journey – before, during, and even after! We (Rosa+Cay) treat your most beautiful hours of the year as if they were our own – promised!

We personally advise you as if it were our own Flamenco journey – via phone, WhatsApp, or email. Our goal: to create the best Flamenco travel experience for you.

The uniqueness of our Flamenco trips lies in the combination of learning and shared experiences, detailed organization, and exceptional customer service.

We look forward to welcoming you in Seville, Granada, Jerez de la Frontera o Malaga.

Best regards,
Yours Rosa+Cay.


We will quickly and without obligation put together a custom travel offer for you.


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Flamenco Reisen offers exclusive cultural trips for small groups to Andalusia.

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